Hi, we're Babies Beyond Childcare,
      and we specialize in childcare and education for children ages 0 - 5

Some quick facts:

We have a year-round playground with heating and coolers to keep temperatures moderate and the kids safe

We provide quality infant and toddler childcare

We provide a calm, nurturing, safe and secure environment

We provide age-appropriate activities that promote physical, social-emotional & cognitive development

We provide child care that offers the perfect balance between structured routines and creative play!

Kids playing and mixing in a tray Kids posing for a group picture on block toys Child looking through a picture book Kids playing with paint Child playing with a block puzzle toy Child playing with blocks enclosing a toy dinosaur

Kids playing with bubbly water Child playing with a wattering can Kids reading books in a group Child playing with a ballon Child playing with a toy dinosaur Child playing with chalk Kids playing on a slide Child playing in a sandbox Child playing with toy keys

More Details

We're open from 8AM - 5PM Monday through Friday. We've been providing childcare services since 2007.

As an early childhood educator, we play a vital role in promoting childrens' early learning. As research based studies show, children learn best through play. I believe quality childcare starts with providing a loving, calm, inviting, safe and healthy environment.

Through our environment and daily routines, infants and children alike are able to explore and discover through age-appropriate toys, learning experiences and activities that support and develop their physical and cognitive skills.

We routinely teach and reinforce safe practices, such as playground and driveway safety, stranger-danger, water safety, earthquake and fire safety, hand-washing and food handling safety to name a few. Through the Second Step Early Learning curriculum we teach and model critical social-emotional life skills crucial for all children as they move through the different stages of development. These include skills to help them become better learners by focusing their attention and listening carefully. In addition, skills on how to get along with others, how to show empathy, how to solve problems and emotion management. Equally important in each child's success, is our partnership with families. We encourage family participation through volunteering in the classroom, regular family meetings, conferences and workshops to discuss and set goals for their children and family in their road to success.

Contact Us

You're welcome to call us directly at (530) 273-2229, or fill out this form and we'll get back with you soon!

Picture of Darlene and Kalie at the daycare