Why Choose Us?

We make daycare better!! Personal attention, fun and challenging activities, balanced routines, we constantly look for ways to create a better experience! Come check us out!

Our Philosophy

  • Provide quality infant, toddler and child care
  • Create a calm, safe and nurturing environment
  • Provide age appropriate activities promoting emotional and cognitive growth
  • Create a comfortable environment to safely explore, learn and discover

Check out our Activity page, or come see for yourself!

About Us

We are based in Grass Valley CA, provide care for infants and young children, and have been around since 2008. We’re really focused on providing a fun environment, with a mixture of challenging learning activities and playful artistic activities, plus more. We combine all of this in a low pressure environment, always trying to keep things new and stay active. We pay attention, and always make improvements. Come see for yourself!